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Sounds like gravity
Every object has a history of its own: found stuff, trash, tools, instruments, toys, souvenirs and presents - over the years, hundreds of metal objects have become a collection of sounds and shapes, to be recombined as percussion set, room divider, sculpture, theatre props and requisites.

A heap of metal pieces
For this instrument Elisabeth Flunger developed appropriate playing techniques, not using traditional percussion techniques, but rather working the objects by physical and spatial manipulation: pile up, crash down, arrange, put, move, push, throw, pull, scratch, rub, swing, rock, shake …

Music is a game

Dump your trash on the floor (rums).
Circulate over it with your sticks (große kreise).
Form a road.
Write a letter.
Draw circles between the objects (kleine kreise).
Build a tower.
Let it rock in every direction (mikado 03-06).
Push it to the other side of the room.
Beat the pile until the pieces lie side by side (mikado 03-06).
Wait until they stop swinging, then push them again (shuffle).

Everything under control?
Random, gravity and resistance play along and generate obstacles and accidents. The objects waggle, clatter and slide off ; they affect the musical flow with unexpected noises. Improvisation means to foresee and provoke these incidents, and to play with them, when they happen by chance.