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play solo performance
play is a series of site specific performances with metal objects. Every show is a new piece.

Neue Musik in St Ruprecht (A) 26.9.2021: The Collection video
Galerie Wechselstrom (A) 16.10.2020: Zeremonie
Palais Tilly Wels (A) 9.9.2018: Le quattro stagioni remix
Klangspuren Tirol (A) 18.9.2016: Rosenkranz
Tufa Trier (D) 24.5.2014: out of the box video
Hotel Pupik Schrattenberg (A) 17.8.2013: cornucopia video
Les Trinitaires Metz (F) 25.5.2011
Kufa Esch sur Alzette (L) 7.7.2007
Künstlerhaus Wien (A) 4.12.2005: play songs
Kabelwerk Wien (A) 18.3.2000 video

Elisabeth Flunger's songs are instrumental songs without words; there are verse forms, nursery rhymes, arythmic prose, yowling, breathing and screaming, obsessive rhythms and melancholic tunes. At the same time they are a catalogue of playing techniques for a heap of metal objects.

große kreise 01
mikado 05
hatscha 04

hits & standards
Trash instruments play compositions by Peter Ablinger, Georges Aperghis, Earle Brown, John Cage, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Hans-Joachim Hespos, Tom Johnson, Dieter Schnebel, and Christian Wolff.
Numerical games, random operations, experiments with playing techniques, improvisation, indeterminacy appear as material events.

Audience Concert
"That's very easy, everyone can do it."

Directed by Elisabeth Flunger, the audience gets the chance to play - as soloists and in small and big ensembles. The repertoire includes versions of Elisabeth Flungers songs, compositions by John Cage and Dieter Schnebel, and pieces from the London Scratch Orchestra.

meeting interactive Performance
Is music an universal language, or is language a sort of music?
part 1: the sound of speaking
part 2: the sound of writing
part 3: music as language
part 4: language as music
meeting is a discussion about one of the capital questions of musical understanding, performed by collective improvisation, composition and interpretation with the help of all participants. With the experts Mme Callas and Mme Ciccone as guest of honor, and a deputation from China, sent to us to explore the relation between music and language.

The musical marble run installation
ferragosto I (2000) Essl Museum Wien
la route flonflon (2007) Philharmonie Luxembourg
ingraisch (2012) in collaboration with Heimo Wallner, Hotel Pupik
la route flonflon II (2017) Philharmonie Luxembourg
Métal-Musique (2017) Belval (L)
La forza del destino (2018) Fresnes-on-Woëvre (F)
Der Ball der Bälle (2019) im_Flieger Wien (A)
MOMELBAN (2020) LTK4 Lutherturm Köln
Murmelbad (2020) Future Now Festival Wuppertal
Mappa Mundi (2021) Soundart Nickelsdorf
Celestial Spheres (2023) Church St Ruprecht Vienna

ongoing projects

Elisabeth Flunger & Inge Kaindlstorfer
Inge Kaindlstorfer movement and sound
Elisabeth Flunger sound and movement
Elisabeth Flunger and Inge Kaindlstorfer have been working together in different contexts since the 1990s. They persistently defy common beauty ideals, body norms and performance standards and independently develop a calm and unaffected language. The goal of their work is not the utopia of the great dancing body, virtuosity and the perfect show, but rather humans in their imperfection and vulnerability.
Material study: Paper Im_flieger 4.11.2022
teaser 1 teaser 2

bösze flunger völker
Cordula Bösze flutes
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Ute Völker accordion
bösze flunger völker have been playing together for decades in changing duos, trios and other constellations, for example with Stefan Scheib and Katharina Bihler in the projects The Big Noise, The Green Noise and Technosphere - The Old Songs.
18x50 (2013):
#6 mp3
#7 mp3
#10 mp3
Alte Schmiede Wien 27.5.2008 #1 mp3
Alte Schmiede Wien 27.5.2008 #2 mp3

Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Edgar Friedl turntables
Chris Janka electric guitar
The axis of the well-twisted sound is back in the usual good mood and presents its adventurous music close to the abyss. In the middle Chris, guitar and electronics, responsible for the harmonies, on the left side Elisabeth, with her metal sheets she believes in catharsis through noise, and on the right Edgar: with his record collection he comments the whole thing on the spot.

Studio session 3.6.2017 video 3
Studio session 3.6.2017 video 4
Echoraum 26.1.2018 Klangmanifeste Festival video
mag3 Vienna video

lux flux
David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger, Helga Gussner-Peham, Wolfgang Jagschitz, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Maria Kreitner, Johanna Nielsson, Gerlinde Riegler:
dance movement action noise music installation language objects
3 material studies: ropes trash paper Im_flieger 4.11.2022
teaser 1 teaser 2
lorem ipsum residency at Im_flieger october-may 2021 video
found in translation echoraum Wien 25.-26.10 2019
video 17 min
trailer 3:38 min
Fuge . Randale Tanz*Hotel Wien 30.4.-2.5.2019

Martial Attitudes
All parts of the drum set as it is used in rock pop and jazz and many of the european orchestral percussion instruments come from military music. Originally, they were not developed as musical instruments only, but they had mainly strategical functions.
Martial Attitudes is a collection of percussion pieces which can be played both as improvisations and as sheet music, as solos or as duos. They include drum sounds inspired by military music and war sounds, marches in various speeds and styles, heroic tympani pieces and citations from classical works, and transcriptions from WW1 and WW2 battle sound recordings.

Alte Schmiede Wien, 12.1.2016 mp3
Elisabeth Flunger & Lukas Schiske, perc

Galérie Dominique Lang Dudelange 5.3.2016 mp3
Elisabeth Flunger & Robert Hall, perc

Théâtre de Verdun 24.1.2016 mp3
Elisabeth Flunger perc, Lee Patterson elec, Emmanuelle Pellegrini v
Croquer les fougères

Les Éparges, Festival Densités 28.11.2018 mp3
"Entendez-vous dans nos campagnes ?” outdoor performance with remote drummers: Sean Baxter, Burkhard Beins, Robert Hall, Mr Marcaille (excerpt)
Croquer les fougères

Tinnitus is a hearing experience that occurs without sound reaching the ear: neural signals are perceived in the brain due to a malfunction of the ear, usually as a result of stress or noise exposure. Tinnitus sounds can be very different from person to person and occur in the entire audible frequency spectrum.
Tinnitus Scenes I: 12 miniature installations with mini-speakers and objects, originally in the lockers of Unternehmen Mitte in Basel (Festival ZeitRäume). Transportable version in A4 boxes.
Tinnitus scenes II: Improvisation with tinnitus sounds. Collection of sound material.
Tinnitus Suite for violin, double bass, flute, clarinet, accordion and percussion. Commissioned by TENM Tiroler Ensemble für Neue Musik, premiere 5.11.2019

Das Grüne Rauschen - The Green Noise
Video installation and performance
Cordula Bösze, Katharina Bihler, Elisabeth Flunger, Achim Konrad, Stefan Scheib, Lothar Schlömer, Ute Völker

The video installation "Green Noise" brings nature into the urban living space. It creates listening oases that imitate and reinterpret the noise of nature. A counter-world is created in which nature recordings, improvised music and urban background noises enter into dialogue with each other as random realities. video

4 music videos for The Green Noise:
Green Water video
Road video
Pond video
Mill video

The Big Noise
Noise is perpetual and ubiquitous, as well inside our bodies as in the surroundings, and also in music it is cheerfully and gloomily calebrated since decades.
Sound installations
Tinnitus installation video
The Big Noise concert video
Katharina Bihler voice
Cordula Bösze flutes
Elisabeth Flunger percussion, concept
Stefan Scheib double bass
Ute Völker accordion
The concert approaches noise in different ways: improvisations with tinnitus sounds, sound quotations from the environment, experiments with listening experiences and sound effects, works by Peter Ablinger and Howard Skemton, and homages to musicians and composers who did a big work in the research and musical appropriation of noise: Birgit Ulher, Miki Yui, Bernhard Günter, Oval, Peter Ablinger, Friedrich Cerha, Howard Skempton ... to be continued.

The Frankfurt Kitchen
Elisabeth Flunger percussion, toy piano
Yedda Lin piano, toy piano
A tribute to Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky.
In a setting that reflects the dimensions of the Frankfurt kitchen, Elisabeth Flunger and Yedda Lin deal with cooking and playing the piano, experiences and activities that in the private sphere were long attributed to the domain of women and subjected to the regulative of industrial labour ideology: operating in a small space, fulfilment of standards, efficiency and diligence.
"If I had known that everyone was always talking about it, I would never have built this damn kitchen." Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky

Technosphere – The Old Songs
Cordula Bösze fl, Katharina Bihler v, Elisabeth Flunger perc, Stefan Scheib db, Ute Völker acc
What happens when the energy supply collapses, when we have to reduce our lifestyles to stone-age conditions? We imagine a concert after the catastrophe, in a world without electricity. Nostalgically, we play the sounds of the technosphere and remember promises of well-being and safety, and the soothing or uplifting sound of technical devices. An obituary in our lifetime to the sounds of technology, which will be gone when there's no electricity anymore.

past projects

Gras wachsen hören
Katharina Bihler voice, text
Marius Buck percussion, installations
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Stefan Scheib doublebass, electronics, composition
Four scientists from Biolingua Institute open their laboratory and come up with a groundbreaking revelation: the supposedly silent world of plants is in actual fact full of sounds.
Production Wien Modern, Dschungel Wien and Liquid Penguin Ensemble

damijan flunger lacina
Gloria Damijan piano, toy piano
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Harbert Lacina bass guitar
The master of the prepared upright piano and the specialist for all sorts of bass guitars ...

magg beth
Elisabeth Flunger Percussion
Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass
mp3 nr1
mp3 nr2
mp3 nr3
Elisabeth Flunger and Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka love to get into conversation with their audience in concerts. This is how the project "Decisions" was born, in which decisions are revealed, questioned and and delegated to the audience.
mp3 yes what now

Berghammer Flunger Vicard & Gnigler
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Thomas Berghammer trumpet
Alessandro Vicard double bass

mp3s nr 1 nr 2 nr 3 nr 4

& Jakob Gnigler tenor saxophone mp3 13.2.2018 at mag3 (Wien)

Croquer les fougères … pour en finir avec le sacré ?
a project on the First World War, organised by Vudunoeuf
Emilie Borgo, Céline Larrère (F) dance
Stéphane Collin (F) video
Elisabeth Flunger (L/I) music, percussion, installation
Lee Patterson (UK) music, electronics, installation
Emmanuelle Pellegrini (F) text performance
Céline Pierre (F) video
Laurence Lenhard (F) ecologist
Jeremy Damian (F) sociologist

Théâtre de Verdun 24.1.2016
mp3 nr1 Flunger perc, Patterson elec, Pellegrini v
mp3 nr2 Flunger perc, Patterson elec, Pellegrini v dictaphone

Les Éparges 28.11.2017 Festival Densités: Drum battle
mp3 "Entendez-vous dans nos campagnes ?” outdoor performance with Sean Baxter, Burkhard Beins, Robert Hall, Mr Marcaille (excerpt)

da söbstmeadagraunz
30 poems in Viennese dialect, written by Gerhard Rühm in 1956/57 (Rainer Verlag, Berlin 1966).

Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Hannes Löschel piano
Vinzenz Wizlsperger voice
Alte Schmiede Wien 18.1.2018 video

Elisabeth Flunger percussion, composition
Gerhard Pinter voice
WUK Wien 12.6.1993 video

outside inside
Katharina Bihler v
Cordula Bösze fl
Elisabeth Flunger perc
Ada Günther v
Stefan Scheib db
Ute Völker acc
outside and inside are happening things you mostly ignore: street and construction noises, train and bus sounds, waterdrops falling, devices running and humming, children playing, conversations you don’t listen to, signs, inscriptions and papers telling things you won’t read – noises and texts which form the background of everyday life. We decided that these emissions are worth taking a closer look at. We collected and transcribed them and bring them on stage.
Mechanical processes turn into expressive events, ear-battering noises change to graceful chamber music, shreds of conversation produce pocket dramas of unintentional humour or pure poetry.
The installation große kreise 08 transmits some ambient noises from the surroundings into the concert hall and merges the inside and the outside, everyday reality and music.
“So what is art but personalizing found objects?” Morton Feldman

baustelle_01 trio mp3
baustelle_05 trio mp3
straße_02 duo mp3
aquarium trio mp3
Saarbrücken 10.9.2015 video 1: construction areas, tinnitus
Saarbrücken 10.9.2015 video 2: road, bus, train, swimming pool

Room Service
David Ender bass guitar, stuff
Elisabeth Flunger trash percussion
Room Service is an exploratory music project of David Ender and Elisabeth Flunger. They have already been working together in various ensembles since the 1990s, as the performance group Damen-Improvisation & HerrenBIGbäng, the blues/rock trio Baitrunner with Peter Panayi, the band of Gert Hühnerbrand & Gretl Uebenflaihs, the project YOO DOO RIGHT with Karlheinz Essl, and different formations dedicated to free improvisation.

19.2.2015 Im_flieger mp3 with Peter Panayi git
2.3.2016 NadaLokal mp3 with Chris Janka git

Bruckner & Flunger
Sylvia Bruckner piano
Elisabeth Flunger percussion

nr 1 mp3
nr 2 mp3
Alte Schmiede Wien 24.6.2015_3 mp3
Alte Schmiede Wien 24.6.2015_4 mp3

Elisabeth Flunger & Stefan Scheib
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Stefan Scheib double bass

CD Passage
Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon 2.5.2014 video
Tufa Trier 3.4.2011 video1 video2 video3 video4

Bernd Bleffert percussion
Elisabeth Flunger metal objects
Wolfgang Schliemann drum set
SchlagTrio stands for three different approaches to percussion – Bernd Bleffert’s DIY instruments, Wolfgang Schliemann’s extended drum set, Elisabeth Flunger’s objets trouvés. They enlarge the percussive sound repertory with experimental and performative playing techniques like bowing, blowing, scraping, wiping, throwing, pulling, wiggling, rolling, faking, and they use to complete their improvisations with installations, performances and audience actions.

tagadà mp3
wurstl mp3
duck fish mp3
und dann mp3
Tufa Trier 13.11.2011 video1 video2

was ist das
Emmanuelle Pellegrini poetry
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Language and percussion as toys: sounds, words and movements get stirred, moved and repeated until sense disappears and something similar to music comes up.

13.5.2013 Moers Nachtstimmen im Bauwagen video

Anthem / Split Double audio installations
Elisabeth Flunger & Robert Hall
Anthem fractionises national anthems from the time of World War I and reassembles them in a new way, giving them a new symbolic form according to their charater and to the historic circumstances.
Split Double creates an illusory symmetry with drum sounds/explosions, in accordance with images from the 1st World War who emphasize symmetry and regularity in a horrendous scenery.
The audio installations Anthem and Split Double were part of Robert Hall’s exhibition Anthem and Decorum at Galerie Dominique Lang, Dudelange (L).

Anthem mp3
Split Double mp3

Session & soup
Play, listen, eat, drink in Trintange (L) and Terlano (I) 2011-2016
with Rajivan Ayyappan, Katharina Bihler, Loris Binot, Gérard Delesse, David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger, Bernhard Günther, Serge Lamesch, Stefan Scheib, Emilie Skrijelj, Tomás Tello, Marcel Reuter, Franck Hemmerle, Ute Völker, Gianfranco Celestino, Claudia Dylla, Christina Burchardt, Bruno Kewitsch, Unki, Annick Pütz, Lex Gillen, Robert Hall, Sascha Ley, Bernart Biersohn, Pierre Grandidier, Karl-Heinz Heydecke, Nicolas Billaux, Magdalena Fey, Laia Genc, Anne Kaftan, Michel Pilz, Patrice Caire, Barbara Witzel, Thierry Faber, Julien Farlin, Daniel Prätzlich, Carlo Benzi, Julia & Lucia, Paul Hoffmann, Henri Foehr, Martine Schaack ...

Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Tomas Tello electronics, electric guitar

Labor CD
Rotten Chapel cassette
MUDAM Luxembourg 25.4.2012 video

free radicals
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Susanna Gartmayer clarinets
Sabina Holzer dance
Emmanuelle Pellegrini sound poetry
free radicals are looking for the typical and the archetypical in their work as artists and performers, as well as in their lifes. They steal behaviours, speech and movement samples from their everyday life and personal history and use them as a material for improvisation. They deal with real and imaginary folk dance and folk music, and they invoke clichés from ancient traditional customs and from contemporary conventions.

Essl Museum 18.4.2012 video

Any other activities are going on at the same time
Katharina Bihler voice
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Stefan Scheib double bass
The installation and performance explores the boundaries of music: music as action, visual elements, audience participation, and the variability of the musical work through improvisation and random influences. The program includes Fluxus artists, composers of the Scratch Orchestra and of the New York School, several European composers since 1950, as well as some outstanding works from the early avant-garde which expanded the possibilities and the significance of music.

Flunger Pilz
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Michel Pilz bass clarinet

diversifikation mp3
diskretion mp3
divagation mp3
diffusion mp3

bösze flunger
Cordula Bösze flutes
Elisabeth Flunger percussion

Ort Wuppertal 11.2.2012 video

wunderbare reise interactive video concert
in collaboration with Sneja_D (2011).
The audience plays the soundtrack to videos by Sneja_D and Elisabeth Flunger. A train journey, people on the street, a balloon flight : Images can be a score, or a dialog partner in improvisation, or the source of a musical drama.

ear studio 2008-2010
Concerts with improvised and experimental music in Luxembourg, organized in collaboration with LUCILIN.
notation Works by Peter Ablinger, Karlheiz Essl, Edu Haubensak, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Catherine Kontz, Bruno Maderna, Dieter Schnebel, Christian Wolff
language Liquid Penguin Ensemble, Jean-Philippe Gross & Emmanuelle Pellegrini
percussion Bernd Bleffert, Elisabeth Flunger, Christian Wolfarth
time Steve Kaspar, das mollsche gesetz
electronics Rajivan Ayyappan & Emre Sevindik, Pirx
solos Cordula Bösze, Elisabeth Flunger, André Pons-Valdès
organ Maurice Clement, Pia Palme & Klaus Lang
voice Agnés Palier & Christoph Schiller, Liedertafel Irsch / Gottfried Sembdner

ISO Pop Corn video installation/live performance
Sneja_D: videos
Elisabeth Flunger: soundtrack, live performance
ISO Pop Corn – 2nd generation is an installation with 20 short video clips showing single popcorn explosions. The installation is part of Sneja_D’s work series Power Corn, which deals with the issue of standardization of life in general and food in particular.
ISO Pop Corn – 1st generation human designed popcorn was a computer designed “perfect” popcorn in 3D animation and its multiplication as a 3D print object. ISO Pop Corn – 2nd generation brings back the irrationality and randomness of natural processes.

Galerie Dominique Lang, Dudelange 19.11.2011 performance video

Jack Hauser voc
Peter Panayi git
David Ender b
Elisabeth Flunger dr
Karlheinz Essl elec
Yoo Doo Right is a song on Can's 1969 debut album, Monster Movie, which had been edited down from a six-hour improvisation to a mere twenty minutes. Since 2001, David Ender, Karlheinz Essl, Elisabeth Flunger, Jack Hauser and Peter Panayi performed this song in several hour-long concerts in memory of Can’s guitarist Michael Karoli.

Sammlung Essl 4.9.2010 video

Damen-Improvisation & HerrenBIGbäng
Damen: Andrea Bold, Maria Fichtinger, Inge Kaindlstorfer, Iris Koppelent, Ulli Scherer, Isolde Schober
Herren: David Ender, Elisabeth Flunger, Jack Hauser, Amadeus Kronheim, Peter Panayi, Ricardo Pereyra
Damen-Improvisation & HerrenBIGbäng was a performance group of dancers and musicians active from 1995 to 2000. In weekly rehearsals they researched the interaction and the autonomy of music and dance, the relations between dance and non-dance, music and non-music, of performance and reality, and various strategies of improvisation. They appeared in their monthly event „Tänzerei Grotesque Royal d’Amour Withinner Space Musicians“ at Konzerthaus Theater and in numerous performances in public space.


Elisabeth Flunger & Inge Kaindlstorfer
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Inge Kaindlstorfer dance
Inge Kaindlstorfer and Elisabeth Flunger both use very simple, elementary patterns as basic material for their performance. Also, both set out from very similar preconditions: While Elisabeth Flunger asks why and where random noise changes into music, Inge Kaindlstorfer explores the creation of dance out of everyday movements. Two independent performances taking place simultaneously: Both translate their common approach into a language of their own, instead of simply providing music for the dance or moving to the music.

Elisabeth Flunger & Jorge Sanchez-Chiong
Jorge Sanchez-Chiong turntables
Elisabeth Flunger percussion

Alte Schmiede Wien 1.4.2006 mp3

Elisabeth Flunger & Hannes Löschel
Elisabeth Flunger percussion
Hannes Löschel piano
Looking for an escape from the classical music course, Elisabeth Flunger and Hannes Löschel worked together from 1990 to 1994, also in a trio with Anne-Marie Bösch (recorder flute), and in a project on time perception with artist Lisi Breuss. The collaboration started from contemporary music, was later based on free improvisation and led to the composition of a series of duo pieces which were released on CD in november 2016.

Ich habe zählen gelernt (1994) mp3

Percussion duo Elisabeth Flunger & Lukas Schiske
From 1986 to 1990 Elisabeth Flunger and Lukas Schiske worked as a duo, also under the name of les guetteurs de sons (from a piece of Georges Aperghis), also in a trio/quartet with Martin Breinschmid and Eggert Pálsson. They played works by Tona Scherchen-Hsiao, Mauricio Kagel, Karlheinz Essl, Steve Reich, John Cage, Yoshihisa Taïra, Charles Boone and others.

Karl Heinz Essl: Rudiments (1989) Martin Breinschmid, Elisabeth Flunger, Eggert Pálsson, Lukas Schiske perc
Elisabeth Flunger: Martialische Untertöne (2016) Elisabeth Flunger & Lukas Schiske, perc
Karl Schiske: Dialog (1963), arrangement: Elisabeth Flunger (2016) Elisabeth Flunger & Lukas Schiske, perc