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The Musical Marble Run
The Green Noise
The Big Noise / Tinnitus
The Mill
Anthem & Split Double
ISO Pop Corn
Das Bad der Diana

The musical marble run

ferragosto I (2000) Essl Museum Wien
la route flonflon (2007) Philharmonie Luxembourg
ingraisch (2012) in collaboration with Heimo Wallner, Hotel Pupik
la route flonflon II (2017) Philharmonie Luxembourg
Métal-Musique (2017) Belval (L)
La forza del destino (2018) Fresnes-on-Woëvre (F)
Ball der Bälle (2019) im_Flieger Wien (A)
MOMELBAN I (2020) LTK4 Lutherturm Köln
Murmelbad (2020) Mirker Bad, Future Now Festival Wuppertal
mappa mundi (2021) Salzer Stadl Nickelsdorf, Soundart '21
Celestial Spheres (2023) Church St Ruprecht, festival WienModern Soundart '21

The Sound Snake (2024) Klangturm St Pölten

The Musical Marble Run is an improvisation machine. Marbles, spheres, balls keep rolling down its slanted surface and hitting metal objects. Most marble runs have a perfect run, but with the Musical Marble Run that's not so important. It's not about control, it's about playing and having fun. The music is unpredictable and always different.
ingraisch consisted of objects found at Hotel Pupik, leftovers of works of art and agricultural equipment that were built into a hay stack. It was realized in collaboration with Heimo Wallner.
A transportable marble run premiered in November 2024 in the St Ruprecht Church in Vienna.It has been built by Ben Day with funding from the City of Vienna and the support of WienModern festival.

ferragosto I mp3
ingraisch video
la route flonflon II youtube video with funny subtitles by Ada Günther
la route flonflon II vimeo video with better quality
mappa mundi video
Music of the Spheres video

The Green Noise
Video installation
Shopping mall Rathausgalerie, Wuppertal 2022 video

Cordula Bösze, Katharina Bihler, Elisabeth Flunger, Achim Konrad, Stefan Scheib, Lothar Schlömer, Ute Völker

4 music videos for The Green Noise:
Green Water

Das Große Rauschen - The Big Noise

Zeiträume Basel festival 2019
sound installations and performances in the basement of Unternehmen Mitte:
Tinnitus Scenes 12 installations in the safe deposit boxes
It’s me – Your Little Noise Two sounds for John Cage in the dressing room
The Others live transmission from the Café
The World is Noise 8track sound installation on stage

Future Now Festival Wuppertal 2020
BADN GEHN 8track sound installation at swimming pool Mirke

Shut up and listen! festival 2020
Tinnitus Scenes at echoraum Vienna 2021

The Mill

Festival artacts 2018 St. Johann in Tirol

Installation and performance in the Wieshofer flour mill in St. Johann in Tirol, with improvising musicians, a fairy tale, soundtracks, a video and a series of images.

Improvisation: Lotte Anker, Thomas Berghammer, Clementine Gasser, Jakob Gnigler, Steve Heather, Melvyn Poore, Susana Santos Silva, Alessandro Vicard, Torbjörn Zetterberg

Fairy tale: Gudrun Schwärzler (speaker), Edith Mallaun (toy piano)

Soundtracks: Angelica Castelló TUBA, dieb13 granulat13-1, Elisabeth Flunger Mühle 1-10

Split Double
Elisabeth Flunger & Robert Hall (2016)

The audio installations Anthem and Split Double were part of Robert Hall’s exhibition Anthem and Decorum at Galerie Dominique Lang, Dudelange (L).

In Anthem, national anthems from the time of the First World War are fragemted and reassembled.
Split Double creates an illusory symmetry between drum sounds and explosions, in accordance with the images from the 1st World War time who emphasize symmetry and regularity.

Anthem mp3
Split Double mp3

ISO Pop Corn – 2nd generation (2009/2010)
Elisabeth Flunger soundtrack, percussion
Sneja_D video, programming

An interactive installation with pop corn explosions in slow-motion.
Ancienne quincaillierie Buchholtz-Ettinger in Esch sur Alzette 2009, Galerie Dominique Lang in Dudelange 2010
performance video Dudelange 19.11.2010

Ambient noises from streets and construction areas are the basic material for the soundtrack to the performance/installation ferragosto II (2007).

For große kreise 08 (2008), street noises are transferred directly to the concert hall. The public is twice involved in the performance: inside as audience, outside as actors.
große kreise 08 is part of the project draußen und drinnen.

Diana at Her Bath
in collaboration with Jack Hauser

Live video, Super8 installation, performance
Galerie Artothek, Vienna (2001)

“Certainly the invisible Diana, while she looks at Aktaion envisioning her, thinks on her own body.” Pierre Klossowski