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Elisabeth Flunger
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Elisabeth Flunger was born in 1960 in Bolzano in northern Italy and studied musicology, ethnology, composition, and classical percussion in Vienna. From 2005 to 2016 she has been living in Luxemburg, currently she lives in Vienna.

As a percussionist for contemporary music she has worked solo and with ensembles such as Klangforum Wien, die reihe, Ensemble des 20. Jahrhunderts, Ensemble Kontrapunkte, Ensemble OnLine, Ensemble Lucilin.
1987-91 duo with pianist Johannes Marian. Improvisation, indeterminate music, graphic scores.
1987-90 les guetteurs de sons percussion duo in collaboration with Lukas Schiske, occasionally also as a quartet with Martin Breinschmid and Eggert Pálsson.
1991-94 Chroma duo with Hannes Löschel, compositions for piano and percussion, improvisation, performance.
1994-98 duo with singer Margarete Jungen.

As an improviser she played with musicians like Cordula Bösze, Sylvia Bruckner, Karlheinz Essl, Hannes Löschel, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Stefan Scheib, Elliott Sharp, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Ute Völker, and many others.
With the dance and music collective Damen-Improvisation & HerrenBIGbäng she realized performances in theatres and in public spaces.
In collaboration with LUCILIN 2008-2010 in Luxembourg she organized the ear studio concerts for improvised and experimental music.
From 2011 to 2015 she hosted the regular improviser’s session soup and session in her house in Luxembourg.
Current long-term cooperations include the duo with Chris Janka (electric guitar), the trio with Thomas Berghammer (trumpet) and Alessandro Vicard (double bass), Schlagtrio with the percussionists Bernd Bleffert and Wolfgang Schliemann, and the duo vasistas with french poetry performer Emmanuelle Pellegrini.

Elisabeth Flunger also works as a musician, composer and performer in theatre and dance productions, at Burgtheater, Akademietheater, and Volkstheater in Vienna, with Rose Breuss, Tanz*Hotel, DamenImprovisation & HerrenBIGbäng, LuxFlux, and the Compagnie Veronika Riz.

She designed the sound installation ferragosto II for the Essl Museum in Vienna, the video installation ISO Pop Corn in cooperation with Sneja_D, and the installations Anthem and Double Split with Robert Hall. For the Essl Museum, the Philharmonie Luxembourg and Fonds Belval she realized the musical marble runs ferragosto I, la route flonflon and Métal-Musique.

In the context of music and art mediation, she holds lectures and workshops on improvisation and composition for children, amateurs and professional musicians.

Elisabeth Flunger’s favourite instrument is a collection of trash metal objects, used in concerts, installations and performances. For this instrument she created a series of solo pieces and developed appropriate playing techniques, not using traditional percussion techniques, but rather working the objects by physical and spatial manipulation: pile up, crash down, arrange, put, move, push, throw, pull, swing, rock, shake …
In the chaos of the disordered material, movement and repetition generate figures and patterns similar to music. Music becomes a game where natural principles like chaos, random, gravity and resistance play an important role producing surprise and suspense. They generate a situation whose destination is unforeseeable, a project opposed to the ordinary (music and life) concept of sureness, control and efficiency.