© 2017 Elisabeth Flunger


The Mill (2018)
Installation in the Wieshofer flour mill in St. Johann in Tirol, with improvising musicians, a fairy tale, a soundtrack, a video and a series of images.

Mühle 1-10 (2018)
Soundtrack for the Installation in the Wieshofer flour mill in St. Johann in Tirol

Von Mühlen und Müllerinnen (2018)
fairy tale for a speaker and toy piano, collage with song accompaniments (Franz Schubert), fairy tales (Brüder Grimm) and some notions about Oliver Evans

Métal-Musique (2017)
Installation, musical marble run for Le Fonds Belval

la route flonflon II (2017)
Installation, musical marble run for die Philharmonie Luxemburg

Split Double

sound installations in collaboration with Robert Hall (2016)

straße 03 : motorini (2016) for instruments and recording

Dialog mit dem Dialog (2016) for percussion duo
from Karl Schiske's Dialog for violoncello and piano: 1. Augmentation, 2. and 4. Instrumentation, 3. Elimination, 5. Reduction

draußen und drinnen (2016)
Collection of objets trouvés, texts, pictures, music and field recordings on environment and noise, partly in collaboration with Katharina Bihler und Stefan Scheib (includes the pieces Grundrauschen 1-4, Straße 01-03, Schwimmbad Klosterneuburg, Beckmanngasse 1 + 2, Trintange, Pumpe 1, Baustelle 01-06, Baumarkt)

Martial Attitudes (2016) for percussion solo or duo
a scrapbook of sounds and pieces on drums and war:
rolls and disturbances, marche funèbre, ww1, ww2, ww3, march/torso

Schwimmbad Klosterneuburg (2015)
for instruments (accordion, double bass, flute, percussion), voices and recording

Grundrauschen 1-4 (2015/16)
Elektroheizung De Longhi, Die Welt rauscht, Tinnitus, Aquarium (Pumpe)
for double bass, flute, accordion, percussion

Beckmanngasse 1 + 2, Trintange (Baustellen), Pumpe 1 (2014/16)
for flute, accordion, double bass, percussion

play : out of the box (2014)
solo performance wooden boxes, metal scupltures and trash objects

out of the box (2014)
solo for wooden boxes

play : cornucopia (2013)
solo performance with metal objects

Passage (2013)
untitled, in finsteren Zeiten, unter einem kahlen Baum, my paradise, auf nach Texas, black and yellow, Ceres, außergewöhnliche Belastungen, beißen nicht, abends im Schwimmbad, then, bröckliger Untergrund, paysage intime, non c’è di che
for double bass and percussion, in collaboration with Stefan Scheib

Rotten Chapel (2013)
pssst, collateral stuff, zeit zum nachdenken, something yellow, deadlock #1, deadlock #2, law and order, disillusion, dunno, eclipse
for toy piano and flanger, in collaboration with Tomás Tello

ingraisch (2012)
Installation/musical marble run for Hotel Pupik (Schrattenberg near Scheifling in Styria), in collaboration with Heimo Wallner

elisemilie (2012)
western spaghetti, gratte, n‘roll, cornemuse, nepeta cataria, culbuto, le mignon, un trou de souris, tempete sous la coquille
for accordion and percussion, in collaboration with Emilie Skrijelj

Labor (2010-2012)
miracle merchants, closer to the sky, tar and feather, wat mutt dat mutt, otra tormenta, se fué, katze was tust du?, imminente
for electronics and percussion, in collaboration with Tomás Tello

linien - lignes - lines (2011)
Performance and installation, book, video, cd (with Gérard Delesse, Ada Günther, Tomás Tello)

wunderbare reise 06-09 (2011)
for audience and video, in collaboration with Sneja_D (Video)

meeting (2010)
Partizipative performance on music and language

wunderbare reise 03 (2010)
for viola, accordion, percussion instruments and video

affe, streu, wunderbare reise 02 (2009)
Solo pieces for metal objects

we summer (2008)
Music for the dance performance We Summer, choreography: Veronika Riz, for percussion solo and CD (Bolzano, Museion)

große kreise 08 (2008)
Sound installation with public's action

von hier nach dort und wieder zurück (2008)
hier, von hier nach dort (straße 01), dort 01-06 (baustelle 01-06), von dort nach hier (straße 02), wieder zurück (baumarkt)
for accordion and percussion

ferragosto II (2007)
Performance/installation for the Sammlung Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Vienna

la route flonflon (2006)
Sound installation, musical marble run for the Philharmonie Luxemburg

play (2005)
Solo performance with metal objects

songs (2002–06)
große kreise 01–06, kleine kreise 01–06, mikado 01-06, shuffle, hatscha 01–04, ein liebesbrief, ordnungmusssein, strawinsky, rickeracke.
Solo pieces for metal objects

schöpfungsgeschichte, mop, transversal, longitudinal, embouchure (2003)
for flute and percussion instruments, in collaboration with Cordula Bösze

Punkt/Kontinuum, Attacken, Zustand 1–3 (2002)
for piano and percussion instruments,, in collaboration with Katharina Klement

Das Bad der Diana (2001)
Performance with live video and super8 screening, in collaboration with Jack Hauser

ferragosto (2000)
Installation, musical marble run for the Sammlung Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg (Vienna)

Kabelwerk (2000)
Solo performance

fLINK (1999)
Performance for percussion und live electronics, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, in collaboration with Karlheinz Essl

fLUNGER (1999)
Performance for percussion, live electronics and light, Charim Klocker Gallery, Vienna, in collaboration with Karlheinz Essl

Als wärs ein Stück von mir (1996)
Solo for drums

pflegt rhythmus sprechen zeitigt (1995)
for voice and percussion, text by Christine Huber

Collective performances with Damen-Improvisation & HerrenBIGbäng (1995-2000)

Titus Andronicus (1994)
Theater music on the play of Willam Shakespeare, Akademietheater, Vienna, in collaboration with Thomas Hertel and Michael Popp

Der beste Brei des Rattenfängers (1994)
for piano, percussion and spoken words, in collaboration with Raino Rapottnig

Der größte Teil des Schlangenträgers (1993)
Music to the dance piece by Rose Breuss and Bert Gstettner (Tanz*Hotel), in collaboration with Raino Rapottnig

Gitter (1994)
for voice and percussion instruments, commissioned by Kulturinitiativae Stubai (Austria)

Ameisen auf kleinen Gegenständen in der Strömung schaukelnd
Der Mann mit der Hand auf der Stirn
Ich habe springen gelernt
Unruhig geschlafen
Put your friendly face on baby
Kaputte Puppenköpfe
for piano and percussion, in cooperation with Hannes Löschel

Ich habe zählen gelernt (1992)
for drums, accompanimant to an imaginary solo

Bei Zeiten (1992)
Performance for percussion and piano, in collaboration with Hannes lschel

da söbstmeadagraunz (1992)
for speaker and percussion, 31 poems in Viennese dialect written by Gerhard Rühm in 1956/67 (Rainer Verlag, Berlin 1966).

Der kleine Fuchs und der Pfeil (1992)
Percussion solo, dance performance with Rose Breuss

Elisabeth Flunger hindert Johannes Marian daran, Schillers Glocke aufzusagen. Das Album (1991)
Photo album, limited edition 50 pieces, in collaboration with Johannes Marian. Photos by Johannes Stoll